Company profile

Zorovic Maritime Services is founded in Rijeka in April 2005 by the Zorovic family. Mrs Vojka Zorovic is engaged with the crewing from 1992 while Capt Mario Zorovic left the sea in 1996 and since then both were engaged very intensively in the human resources and crewing business and have left a deep trace in the employment of Croatian seafarers and build the good reputation of the family name.

Crew management is our primary function and we make no exemption to compromise our commitment to quality as we deeply believe that success is coming only after honest, dedicated and hard work.

Since 2005 company is growing very fast and having today 21 office staff to take good care on clients and over 2000 deployed seafarers annually.

With our growth and experience we are slowly approaching to technical consultancy services where different expertise and work can be offered.

Shore based personnel is a well balanced mixture of experienced ex-sea senior officers both deck and engine and educated, hard working and responsible people ready to cope with day-to-day challenges in this very changing and demanding working environment as the shipping industry is. Our offices of 300m2 are located in the centre of Rijeka in the old but historically very interesting tall building on the last, 11th floor with a beautiful 360 degree surrounding view to the city.


Our mission is to provide and retain all categories of maritime personnel who are responsibly committed to the benefit of our principals in a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly way.


Values are vital to the overall success of a company business. Our values are our competent and committed people dedicated to work in an honest and responsible behaviour towards our customers and clients.